Increase Quality

Based on a psychologal foundation we developed a unique and disruptive methodolgy and technology that increases the quality of recruitment significantly. When measured in retention rate of new placed employees after 12 months, we score >38% better than the market-average.

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Save Time

In addition to guaranteeing our results, our unique process utilises video introductions, competency assessment, behavioural testing and 360° referencing to remove subjectivity and speed up your decision-making process. Our clients spend less time reviewing numerous CVs and lengthy reports and more time focused on the candidate information that is most relevant to the recruitment process.Following our predefined process will allow you to pick you ideal candidate at the end of just one day of interviewing. You will save tons of time compared to the traditional way.

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Save Money

Compare us to the traditional executive-search firms, and you will find our rates to be most competative. Take into account a very high retention-rate of our candidates and, as a consequence, less need for replacement of staff, and we will save your company a lot of money. Remember : the cost of having to replace good people will alway be far greater than even the most expensive recruiter.

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The highest qualitylevel in executive search

A science based, disruptive methodology with exceptional results.

What many recruiters, whether internal or external, tend to forget is that the candidate with the best qualification in their resume might not actually be the best candidate for your company. All the qualifications may prove to be worth nothing if the candidates leaves your organisation within a short period of time. To find a near perfect and lasting candidate match, a new approach to our craft was called for. A paradigm shift in recruitment where assessment is not the end of the process, but the beginning.

GrassGreener developed a methodology and technology for recruitment that destinguishes between the tradional “hiring criteria”and the more important, but often forgotten, “firing criteria”.
Through our methodology and technology candidates are identified, assessed scientifically, and where possible compared with each other in a measurable way by ways of a benchmark graph. The result of this is a consistant placement of the best suited candidate. This process is supported by an online platform that allowes the client a 24/7 access to his campaign and full insight in the process, progress and all candidate information.

With a candidate retention after 12 months of > 96% our perfomance is more than 38% over the european average !!

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Choose the right people to find the right people !!
At GrassGreenerEurope you will find a new type of recruiter. We realize that the added value that you experience from your recruiter has changed significantly over the last decades. Where it used to be “finding the candidates” it is now, due to the limitless possibilities to find everybody online, much more about “assessing and selecting the right candidate”. And that is exactly what we are experts in.
Furthermore you can expect our consultants to be very experienced senior people with a high business acumen, used to working in national and international enviroments, in both large and small companies.
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