Disruptive Recruitment

This is how we describe both our vision of our profession as well as the methodology and technology we have developed.

Our disruptive vision of our market can be split into four parts:

  • The recruiter has evolved from a psychologist with sector knowledge to a generic top sales person with a broad strategic view of business. Driven by the Internet, the added value of a recruiter has shifted from ‘finding an available candidate’ to ‘skilfully selecting the right person among the many available candidates’.
  • We have made our process as clear and transparent and as SMART as possible and moved away from the secretive hush-hush world of old boys’ network recruitment.
  • We are now recruiting more using ‘firing criteria’ than the traditional ‘hiring criteria’.
  • To combine all of the above we’ve developed a methodology and technology that outperforms everything you’ve seen on this market so far. For example, we score 40% better on retention rates with our candidates than the market average.