Sales and Senior Management Recruitment

Although i-intro can easily be applied to any sector, our process has been most sought after by those seeking to fill sales and senior management positions across a wide variety of sectors and roles.

We’ve become so active in some of these areas that we’ve created specific divisions, including GrassGreener Energy, GrassGreener Chemical and GrassGreener Procurement.

However, although many recruitment firms like to put a list of their active sectors front and centre, we’ve relegated this information to the bottom of the page because, frankly, we feel it’s pretty redundant.

Instead of asking a recruitment firm how active they are in a particular sector we believe it’s far more important to ask how successful they are at making long-term placements.

The next time you get a recruiter cold calling you, ask them what percentage of their placements are still in their position after 12 months. There’s a good chance they’ll either make something up on the spot or avoid the question altogether.

Why does this matter?

Because any amateur with access to a database can find you a candidate.

But finding you the RIGHT candidate who slots comfortably into your business and sticks around for the long term? That’s far more important than any industry-specific experience. And that’s where we excel.

Whether we’re working on a campaign in a sector for the hundredth time or the first time, the methodology and technology we employ works consistently and is holding steady at 96% employee retention for candidates placed for a minimum of 12 months.

Yes, we know, it seems like industry experience is all-important, but we’ve proved time and time again that true recruitment experience wins every time.

If you like analogies (and we love them) turning down a world-class recruitment firm based on industry experience is like refusing to let Lionel Messi be on your five-a-side team because he usually plays on a full-size pitch.

Are we seriously likening ourselves to Lionel Messi? Well… yes.
We’re both fast, skilful and our performance statistics are light-years ahead of everyone else. To find out more please contact us or register your details and we’ll call you back. We look forward to helping you with your next sales or senior management recruitment campaign. Sectors in which we have worked, or are currently working, include (but are not limited to):

Speciality Chemicals PPE Workwear
Machinery Detection quipment Corporate Uniforms Demolition
Plastic & Rubber Materials Asbestos Removal Cutting
On & Offline Gaming Power Tools Mining Machinery
Land Mobile Radio Systems Equipment Construction
Aerospace & Defense Building Products Process

To learn more about GrassGreener Management recruitment™, contact us and we’ll call you back as soon as possible to discuss your individual requirements.