Outstanding results

GrassGreener developed a methodology that distinguishes between ‘hiring criteria’ and ‘firing criteria’. After interviewing many recruiters, both in-house and external, we found out that 95% of the market still recuits on the hiring criteria. So we set out to develop a methodology that not only expands on the hiring criteria, but enables our clients also to hire on ‘firing criteria’.

Furthermore we set out to come up with a way to make the whole executive search process both transparant as well as measurable , getting rid of the guesswork. We even include a benchmark graph in our shortlist where we compare the candidates.

Assessments within our methodology are done when they are supposed to done : At the beginning of the process , and not as seen so often, at the end. Why ? Because in recruitment an assessment is basically a ‘quality check’. And in what other industry are qualitychecks done only at the end of a production process ? Excactly…... So why should we do it any different in our business?

The RESULTS of our discurptive look on recruitment are quite impressive, to say the least. And they are the most important RESULTS for you as a client :

  • Candidate retention after 12 months now reaches 98% after 12 months, and even >96% after 24 months. The average in the business is 70%. We overscore by 40%
  • Of our clients more than 95% come back with more searches after they have had their first experience with us. 
  • Over 95% of the candidates working with us like and value our methodology as the best they have encountered yet.

I have used the services of Grassgreener Europe four times sofar, for fullfilling critical executive positions in my organisation, in the UK (Managing Director), in the Netherlands (Commercial Director and Quality Manager) and for the EU region (CFO)

As we all know, going through the process of hiring good people can be a nightmare. Its time consuming, the process can take very long and the outcome is many times uncertain.

How different is this with Grassgreener Europe! Once you get in touch with them, they visit you in order to understand the postition as well as the culture of the company.

Within a very short period of time, they present their shortlist to you via their I-intro technology. A revolutionary system with all the relevant data per candidate, comprehensively combined together, including tests on how well the candidate fits into the job and fits into the culture of your company. They even provide you with a benchmark graph of the candidates that were put on your shortlist. You can check those data 24/7 online from any device. This has saved me a lot of time. I can highly recommend Grassgreener Europe to anyone, looking for a recruitment partner and especially Mr. Eli Barenholz, who helped me find the right candidates.

His professionalism and efficiency is second to none.

Peter van Steen, CEO Revaho B.V. & Managing Director Netafim North Europe